Location for our Marquee
Location for our Marquee, Bristo Square, Uni of Edinburgh  11th Feb-13th Feb 2014


The 2014 Mouth Cancer Awareness Campaign has already been a great success. Our teams have been involved in a series of events throughout Edinburgh City. Read below to find out what we got up to.

Edinburgh University February 2014

Our first event took place in February 2014 in our Marquee in Bristo Square, University of Edinburgh.

  • We  provided free screening events in the Marquee on the afternoon of 11th Feb 2014 and all day on 12th of February 2014. We screened 455 mouths for cancer.  Our enthusiastic awareness team was on site to ensure that everyone screened was able to go away knowing the signs and symptoms to look out for.
  • We held CPD events in our Marquee for 170 local Dentists anEd campaign 50d Dental Nurses.

Edinburgh Canal Festival June 2014

  • At this family event in Edinburgh Quay, we provided free screening and awareness. We screened 150 people in the afternoon and spoke to many more about signs and symptoms to look out for.

24 Hours of Screening – 24 Hours of Awareness – 24 Hours of Cycling 

  • In August 2014 we took the streets of Edinburgh yet again to get our message out there. Our hub was a marquee in the Meadows, where we held more free screening and CPD events. Our enthusiastic volunteers took to the tarmac on our tandem bike to raise the profile of our screening service and also to highlight the disease. We screened 155 people and spoke to over 400 about signs and symptoms. Again we provided free CPD for health care professionals but this time in a small tutorial type scenario.


STV interviewing Prof Lopes for the 6pm News
STV interviewing Prof Lopes for the 6pm News


Dundee Event November 2015:

Dundee Mouth Cancer Awareness Week ( 26th-28th Novemeber 2015)

Dundee City Centre and University of Dundee Campus.

Our campaign will have two distinct parts, one focusing on the public and the other on healthcare professionals. We hope to spread life saving knowledge through our interactive self examination demonstrations, by explaining the signs and symptoms to look out for and providing training to healthcare professionals so that cancer is caught early.

How will we do it………

Public Awareness

We have an enthusiastic team made up of Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Dental Therapy Students and Postgraduate Dental trainees all trained in promoting our life saving message!

As part of our campaign on 26th,27th and 28th November 2015 will be promoting self examination through interactive demonstrations on a one to one or group basis in our Campaign hub at the Steeple Centre.

Our team will also help you to understand how to reduce your risk of developing Mouth Cancer!

Healthcare Professional Awareness

Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to improving the prognosis for any cancer patient, and Mouth Cancer is no exception. Our Free verifiable CPD events  are taking place in November. They aim to help healthcare professionals to spot Mouth Cancer early on and hopefully save lives! We have a range of speakers including a Maxillo-facial Surgeon, a Restorative Dentist, head and neck surgery Nurses and a patient perspective


Empowerment in Mouth Cancer: Your patient from diagnosis to rehabilitation. 

Join us in Dundee for our ever popular CPD series focusing on the patient journey.

We have a range of speakers lined up including a Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Professor Victor Lopes , Restorative Dentist Dr Ari Dutta,  and mouth cancer survivor Graeme.

Our talk aims to demonstrate the patient journey and help empower you and your patient to catch the disease earlier and ultimately improve the prognosis for the patient diagnosed with Mouth Cancer